About USPA News

United States Press Agency News (USPA News) was founded as a press and news portal in 2010 and has since developed into an important player in the field of Internet journalism. Every day, up-to-date editorial content is provided by several hundred journalists, authors and press photographers from around the world. These contributions include news, professional articles, reports and press photos. This collaboration, which is growing every day, guarantees that USPA News is able to provide a broad variety of interesting and exciting content. The daily press, weekly publications and professional journals, as well as other media, supply United States Press Agency (USPA News) with the latest reports about the economy, politics, entertainment and sports on a daily basis.

For full-time and part-time journalists as well as photojournalists, USPA News offers so-called "international journalist legitimization," which allows for the publication of a wide variety of editorial content.  In addition to news and reports, this includes stories, interviews, event information, pictures, and much more. All content is published in a Customized Beat, which is administered directly by the journalist, author or photojournalist. This way, content may be added without time delay and is immediately available for viewing or download. Each publication is certified with a so-called timestamp.

USPA News offers journalists (including those working on a freelance or part-time basis) a chance to publish quality content without being influenced by politics, trade associations or other third-party interests. This allows contacts between readers, editorial contributors and business representatives to be systematically established.  In the event that rights to texts or pictures should be sold, USPA News shall have no involvement in the transaction, which will be handled exclusively by the creator. Thus, any remuneration will also remain with the creator. As USPA News is exclusively financed out of the cash flow, it is among the most profitable businesses in the area of online news.




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